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The authentic Ibiza Retreat

5-Pillar reset retreat Ibiza

Join us on a transformative journey at our Ibiza retreat, centred around five pillars: adventure and nature, fitness, mindfulness and inner work, connection, and conscious eating.

Embark on the 5 Pillar Nature Reset during our 5-day retreat at Tao Ibiza, where each day unfolds with a carefully crafted agenda to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


Day 1

As you arrive, the afternoon sets the tone with poolside relaxation, a refreshing swim, and hammock unwinding, fostering connections with fellow guests. Indulge in tapas and beverages, listen to music, dance and relax. The evening will be enjoyed with a delightful private chef's dinner.


Day 2

Wake up to a revitalizing breakfast and juice shot before taking a morning box fit class with founder Joe Jack. Then, enjoy a yoga session with the island's finest instructor, Yamila. A hearty team brunch prepares you for a 3-hour hike in a hidden Ibiza gem, followed by a beach chill, snorkelling, and a sunset cocktail soirée at the famed Es Vedra. The day concludes with a team dinner orchestrated by a private chef.


Day 3

Revitalize with a morning strength conditioning class and another invigorating yoga session, followed by a team beach day filled with paddleboarding, snorkelling, and relaxation. The evening brings transformative breathwork, sound healing, and a meditation class by James, "Retrain with Tremain," followed by a team dinner.


Day 4

Fuel your morning with breakfast and juice shots before engaging in a full-body conditioning session and yoga. After a hearty brunch, embark on a 3-hour hike in a second secret location, enjoying beach relaxation. The evening unfolds with a sunset atop Ibiza's old town and a team dinner at the best restaurant in Ibiza town. Cap off the night with an "Iconic Ibiza Party," a festival-like experience featuring live music, creative performances, and renowned DJs.


Day 5

The final morning begins with breakfast, juice shots, and a yoga, breathwork, and meditation class with James. Bid farewell with a hearty team brunch, cherishing the memories of an unforgettable 5-day retreat at Tao Ibiza until we meet again.